Monday, February 7, 2011

A Week in the Life

Ever wonder what we here at Barista Life each week? Well, most days we serve a lot of coffee (we are baristas, after all). But because our shop doesn't open till 1 pm, we spend most of our mornings at, you guessed it, other coffee shops. So, why do we do this?? To spread the word, dude. We want every barista in Poland to have a chance to get to join the community. We spend our mornings at other shops talking with baristas (just like us) who are itching to learn more or just hang out. Well, do we have the place for you! Barista Life is about connecting baristas with each other to share passion, knowledge, and life together. If you are a Polish barista, or just a person who likes coffee, you can join our discussions and hear about events on our website: here.